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Polylang condition in Oxygen: how to use one template for different languages

When creating a multilingual website in Oxygen, the question of choosing the optimal plugin for content translation always arises. I have been using the Polylang plugin on several multilingual sites...
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How to hide email address from spam bots in Oxygen?

WordPress has an excellent native anti-spam function that converts email addresses characters to HTML entities to block spam bots - antispambot() (read more about this function). We can easily apply...
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Easy Posts: how to dynamically add special css classes for posts?

On one of the projects, I needed to separately stylize the display of a specific post in Easy Posts. I began to look for a solution and a wonderful WordPress function post_class() came to my aid,...
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Conditions in Oxygen: how show/hide content based on UTM tags?

Starting from version 2.4, Oxygen has a powerful and useful "Conditions" functionality. More details can be found in the official documentation. Using the conditionals feature, we can now hide or...
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