Tag: Oxygen UI

Enable for native Lazy Loading Images for the Image element in Oxygen

The loading="lazy" attribute allows the browser to delay loading the content of <img> elements that are outside the visible area of the page until the user scrolls down the page and gets close...
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How to disable Animate On Scroll for a mobile viewport in Oxygen

Sometimes it is necessary to animate an element while scrolling only on the desktop. There are two ways to disable animation on scroll for smaller breakpoints in Oxygen. 1. Global setting to disable...
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Elements are not visible in the Oxygen editor when using animate on scroll

When setting up animation effects, sometimes you may come across a situation that animated elements are not visible in the Oxygen editor. Usually, you just need to refresh the page or re-select the...
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How to temporarily hide any element inside the Oxygen editor?

There are situations when you need to temporarily hide a certain element (or several elements) only inside the Oxygen editor so that these elements are still displayed on the frontend. It can be any...
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How to fix the shape of the egg in the color picker in the Oxygen UI?

Fixed in version Oxygen 3.2! After the release of WordPress 5.3 in the Oxygen interface for any elements, the color picker began to have an oval shape (or the shape of an "egg", as this phenomenon...
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