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The color of the icon in the Toggle element does not work on the frontend

Long known bug (since Oxygen 2.1.2) with setting the icon color in the Toggle element. In order for the icon color settings to work correctly, do not use a Global color, but specify the color in HEX...
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Phosphor — free Icons Set for Oxygen

I accidentally found another set of interesting icons on the net called Phosphor, which includes about 600 icons (MIT License) and I prepared them for uploading into Oxygen. You can check the full...
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Free Bootstrap Icons Set for Oxygen

I recently discovered a great new set of free icons from Bootstrap. There are more than 500 icons in the set (MIT License) and I prepared them for upload to Oxygen. You can check the full list of...
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How to change or delete the title of SVG icons in Oxygen?

The built-in sets of SVG icons in Oxygen have such a feature — when you hover the cursor on an icon, a tooltip appears with the icon title, while there is no possibility to change the text of...
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Free SVG icon set from Unicons for Oxygen

Oxygen initially includes 500 SVG icons FontAwesome and Linearicons, and also provides us with a great opportunity to connect our own sets of SVG icons. How to create your own icon sets is described...
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