Tag: Javascript

How to pause Slides autoplay when you hover over?

The basic Slider element in Oxygen has no option to stop the automatic playback of slides when you hover over the mouse. But sometimes this option is necessary, mainly when each slide contains text,...

Disabling page scrolling when opening the Modal in Oxygen

At the moment, the basic Modal element in Oxygen does not have an option to disable page scrolling when a pop-up window opens. But many users ask for this feature. In addition, when placing in a...

How to change or delete the title of SVG icons in Oxygen?

The built-in sets of SVG icons in Oxygen have such a feature — when you hover the cursor on an icon, a tooltip appears with the icon title, while there is no possibility to change the text of this...

How do I prevent certain javascript from running inside the Oxygen editor?

Sometimes there is a situation when a certain script that you have inserted through Code Block causes problems in the Oxygen editor, or for some other reason you do not need this script to be...
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