Category: Tips and tricks

Short tips and tricks for working effectively in Oxygen. Find out what is not obvious and this will allow you to speed up the workflow. A couple of clicks, a small code or snippet, and your seemingly insoluble problem has already been solved!

How to temporarily hide any element inside the Oxygen editor?

There are situations when you need to temporarily hide a certain element (or several elements) only inside the Oxygen editor so that these elements are still displayed on the frontend. It can be any...

Free SVG icon set from Unicons for Oxygen

Oxygen initially includes 500 SVG icons FontAwesome and Linearicons, and also provides us with a great opportunity to connect our own sets of SVG icons. How to create your own icon sets is described...

How do I prevent certain javascript from running inside the Oxygen editor?

Sometimes there is a situation when a certain script that you have inserted through Code Block causes problems in the Oxygen editor, or for some other reason you do not need this script to be...
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