Tutorials, tips and tricks for Oxygen Builder

Our catalog of articles and premade design elements will help you master the skills of working with Oxygen — a great WordPress plugin that provides endless possibilities for the visual creation of responsive websites.


How to hide email address from spam bots in Oxygen?

WordPress has an excellent native anti-spam function that converts email addresses characters to HTML entities to...
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Toggle in Oxygen: how to initially close all toggles on smaller screen sizes

Sometimes a situation may arise when you need one Toggle element on the desktop to be initially open, while on...
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Free Bootstrap Icons Set for Oxygen

I recently discovered a great new set of free icons from Bootstrap. There are more than 500 icons in the set (MIT...
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How to temporarily hide any element inside the Oxygen editor?

There are situations when you need to temporarily hide a certain element (or several elements) only inside the...
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How to fix the shape of the egg in the color picker in the Oxygen UI?

Fixed in version Oxygen 3.2! After the release of WordPress 5.3 in the Oxygen interface for any elements, the...
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How to pause Slides autoplay when you hover over?

The basic Slider element in Oxygen has no option to stop the automatic playback of slides when you hover over the...
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Easy Posts: how to dynamically add special css classes for posts?

On one of the projects, I needed to separately stylize the display of a specific post in Easy Posts. I began to...
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Disabling page scrolling when opening the Modal in Oxygen

At the moment, the basic Modal element in Oxygen does not have an option to disable page scrolling when a pop-up...
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How to change or delete the title of SVG icons in Oxygen?

The built-in sets of SVG icons in Oxygen have such a feature — when you hover the cursor on an icon, a tooltip...
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Conditions in Oxygen: how show/hide content based on UTM tags?

Starting from version 2.4, Oxygen has a powerful and useful "Conditions" functionality. More details can be found...
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Free SVG icon set from Unicons for Oxygen

Oxygen initially includes 500 SVG icons FontAwesome and Linearicons, and also provides us with a great opportunity...
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How do I prevent certain javascript from running inside the Oxygen editor?

Sometimes there is a situation when a certain script that you have inserted through Code Block causes problems in...
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Toggle in Oxygen: how to close the rest when opening one tab?

In this article I want to tell how to make the automatic closing of the open tab of the Toggle element, at the...
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How to make a smooth opening of Toggle in Oxygen?

The standard component "Toggle" in Oxygen does not have the ability to adjust the smooth disclosure of hidden...
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