Category: Bug fix

Tips for temporarily fixing known bugs in Oxygen and for temporarily fixing Oxygen incompatibilities with other plugins. These guidelines will help you get around some issues before the official fix release.

The color of the icon in the Toggle element does not work on the frontend

Fixed in version Oxygen 3.8! Long known bug (since Oxygen 2.1.2) with setting the icon color in the Toggle element. In order for the icon color settings to work correctly, do not use a Global color,...
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Oxygen bug fix: Images in content are not responsive

In the official Oxygen group, you can often see a similar question: "Why are images posted in content not responsive when viewed on a mobile device?". In this case, the image may either not fit into...
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Oxygen bug fix: Sticky Header overlaps Modal and Gallery lightbox

I'm sure many of you have come across a situation where the Oxygen Header element, with the "Enable Sticky Header" option enabled, overlaps any objects on the site (being constantly in the topmost...
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Splitting content into another column when using Masonry Preset in Easy Posts

When using the Easy Post element in Oxygen and selecting the Masonry Preset, you may encounter strange layout behavior. Part of the description or the "Read more" button may appear in another column....
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Elements are not visible in the Oxygen editor when using animate on scroll

When setting up animation effects, sometimes you may come across a situation that animated elements are not visible in the Oxygen editor. Usually, you just need to refresh the page or re-select the...
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How to fix the shape of the egg in the color picker in the Oxygen UI?

Fixed in version Oxygen 3.2! After the release of WordPress 5.3 in the Oxygen interface for any elements, the color picker began to have an oval shape (or the shape of an "egg", as this phenomenon...
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